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iOS client for Nostr




  • Multi-account
  • Guest account
  • Your posts stored on your device and can be exported
  • Bookmarks and personal notes
  • Follow and explore timeline
  • Remembers where you left off scrolling when reopening app
  • Undo accidental tap on Like
  • Autocomplete names when typing
  • Lightning zaps
  • Lightning wallet selection
  • Direct Messages
  • Domain verification
  • Badges
  • Block list
  • Muted conversations
  • Notifications for mentions, reactions and zaps
  • Image previews/zoom/pan
  • Gif/Video playback
  • Option to turn signature verification off
  • Option to hide badges from profile and emojis from names
  • Fast local database
  • Big detail pane for iPad/macOS
  • Login as someone else (read-only mode)
  • Choose which relays to send to and receive from


No screenshots yet.